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Investment Dilemma


Investment Dilemma - Only in Fashion Pulis
Investment Dilemma - Only in Fashion Pulis

Business couples (CEs) were inspired to invest in a new project (NP), which received an overwhelming response. Therefore, the two are excited in the hope that they will return to their investment and dip their fingers in a new task. As with all investment schemes, money must be invested in advance. The CE is aware that other investors, sponsors, and other interested parties will join them and will have enough money to recoup their investment. 

While BC strongly believed in NP, both added to their hard-earned savings, and some friends trusted them. They know that prospective investors will pay full attention to how the team handles the NP. The CE and the crew are confident that they can deliver as they know the adventure plans and boycotts.

Then, an epidemic occurred. Everything is closed or reset. The possibility for NP seems bleak. If the NP cannot be withdrawn, CE investment will be wasted. Worse, other CE businesses also shut down. As workers became involved in that occupation, CE went bankrupt to compensate for wages and necessary assistance. Unlike other companies that try to meet the needs of their employees even at small levels, workers are left to themselves. CE did nothing because the money was tied to the NP.

To make matters worse, workers are asked to take legal action in CE. Friends expect CE to rise to this position, while NP will eventually move on. Until now, it has been waiting and watching and new lessons are being learned.

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