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Making a Point - Daily Fashion Pulis Social Media Scoop Update.

Making a Point - Only in Fashion Pulis
Making a Point - Daily Fashion Pulis Social Media Scoop Update.

The showbiz personality (SP) seems to be a family affair by profession. When the SP starts, the Supervisory Relative (OR) ensures that its revenue is monitored correctly. The SP has control over his finances but has to report to Oku whether he is taking the money or not. Or SP against profit or from bad transactions.

One day, S.P. O saw a large withdrawal from his account. Or later S.P., asked where the money was spent. Except for the transaction, or not notified, so they save a note.

SP is not in red as he is one of those celebrities who have security in their career and finances. SPs can relax and not act during isolation, remaining more relaxed. However, Ahuti annoys Owai, and a debate ensues as he discovers where the money was spent.

Or came to know that SP had spent money on his talented lover (TB). Between the two, TB is chasing many and SP has shown its support by providing financial support. Or do not want a relationship because TB is spent without a large return on investment. Or a failed program involving tuberculosis S.P. He finds that he has lost money. Or the SP is reminded to save money because the time is unpredictable.

At this point, S.P. in his mind If she responded or if she could spend it on her family, then why shouldn't she spend it on her boyfriend. Discussion over.

Other kisses: One cheek turns. One pays money: the other costs him. '- George Bernard Sha.