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Wrong Timing

Wrong Timing
Wrong Timing

Young Influential Celebrities (IC) are always looking for an attractive actress (AA). At that time, there was no AA, but this I.C. However, before moving to IC, AA focused on the patient's lover (PP). The IC has only praised AA.

The time has come for AA and PP to separate their relationship due to career priorities. In the end, the IC got a chance. When the IC clarified its preference for AA, it failed. AA Apparently he said that he was not that way, and he wanted to focus solely on his life. Her desk is so full that she cannot entertain anyone. Bibi was also banished from her life.

The situation changed as the epidemic struck. All work was stopped and AA Not recovered Their calendar is empty, and with it, the prospects for a profitable future are unclear. In contrast, IC has responsibilities and a lot of work.

AA should take a chance and contact the IC to find out if she can help. IC said he could help AA directly, but the price was high. For a few days, AA and IC stayed at a resort and found exactly what he wanted.

Without informing him, I. a. AA With a production leader. Later, AA was invited for a project and knew that IC had fulfilled its promise. AA says that she can feel the influential IC in her life and she can continue to love him. The tables were opened. IC said that he is happy with his current partner (CB). Furthermore, his contract is good for only one project. However, the AA insisted that it would be available in the IP decides to leave the CBI.

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